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Saudis launch state water transmission spin-off

Saudi Arabia took a major step forward in its plans to reform state desalination company the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) this week, launching a new corporate body which will take over SWCC’s water transmission and storage assets.
The new Water Transmission and Technologies Company (WTTCO) was launched on Monday. It will own and operate SWCC conveyance assets with a combined length of 8,400km, transporting more than 7 million m3/d of water from desalination plants to local distribution networks, as well as 63 pumping stations and 286 reservoirs with a combined capacity of around 16.6 million m3.
In future, it will play a key role in procuring new water transmission and storage projects in partnership with the private sector, replacing the Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC).
The Kingdom is looking to attract more than SAR60 billion ($16 billion) of investment into water transmission and storage systems in the near future.

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