Message from the Chairman of the board of director

Dear colleagues and partners,

I am proud to announce today the beginning of a new phase in our water sector ecosystem with the establishment of the Water Transmission and Technologies Company (WTTCO) — enacted by the Council of Ministers. WTTCO will be responsible for the management, maintenance, development, and construction of water transmission and storage systems across the Kingdom.​ The launch of WTTCO will help to realize our national water strategy, privatization program, and the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Towards these ambitions, the new company will work to elevate spending efficiency, decrease costs, achieve operational excellence, and maximize resource utilization, while also reducing the burden of capital and operational costs and adding economic value to the water sector. These developments will help to achieve greater growth and sustainability, enabling WTTCO to self-fund its projects with the participation of the private sector. The company will manage more than 11,200 Km of existing and upcoming water transmission pipelines across the Kingdom, transmitting more than 17 million m3 as a total per day of desalinated water to benefiting areas and cities to meet our nation’s increasing demand for water. WTTCO will also work on opening new horizons for investment in the water transmission and strategic storage sector, with opportunities and projects valued at more than SAR60 billion seeking to attract local and foreign capital. The company now plays an essential role within the supply chain, being the connection point between the producer (desalination stations) and the distributor, ensuring integration, efficiency, and quality of service while reducing cumulative supply chain costs. These positive effects will surely be felt by citizens, as they will help to guarantee continuous supply even during crises through strategic storage systems located in different regions of Saudi Arabia. In a vital move, we will also work tirelessly to develop and train our country’s human capital — whose contribution to WTTCO’s total workforce exceeds 97% today — equipping them with advanced expertise and skills. Constant talent development alongside our work to advance water research and technologies will guarantee that we maintain our leadership of the global water sector. As we enter a new phase for the sector, starting with the launch of WTTCO, we are sure to witness much positive change that will bring benefits to our beloved country, ensuring a bright future ahead.

Thank you all for your support and cooperation.​

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